25  /  08  /  2017

Our BIG Summer ESCAPE 2017 closes! Best turnout for parents day, and our raceways are now installed! Thanks Montserrat Rotaract Club! Hooray,it another fantastic ocean summer

14  /  08  /  2017

Fish 'N Fins Summer ESCAPE has begin! Two full weeks of ocean fun from 9am-4pm! Let the games begin! 70 kids registered....

07  /  08  /  2017

New international volunteers confirmed for Fish 'N Fins SUMMER ESCAPE, Stephen Saunderhaus, Fitness Instructor from Colorado & surfer Henrike Hory joining us from Germany :)  .


The spotted eagle ray, octpuses, seahares , donkey dung sea cucumbers, sea turtles ... these are just a few of the sea creatures our day campers experienced this summer. 


Fish N Fins Kids Ocean Summer began in June and closed on August 25, 2017. 

We were happy to partner with the Montserrat Red Cross, who provided first aider support at our camp. We look forward to building a long term relationship with the Montserrat Red Cross and have already committed to First Aid Certification for our volunteers. Junior CPR and First Aid training has also been booked for the Fish N Fins Sunday Ocean Club 2017/2018. 

As we kickstart our new FISH 'N FINS year we give special thanks to the Montserrat Rotatact Club for sponsoring the Fish N Fins Raceways at Little Bay. 


The raceways lanes are about 5 feet apart, starting in front of our #clubhouse, about twenty feet from shore in about 6 feet deep water, going northward along the shore line for 100 feet, the outer race lane is about 12 feet deep water.  This position does not pose an hazard to navigation of vessels entering or leaving the Port of Little Bay.


This raceway will also act as a Safety Protection for sea bathers on/in Little Bay Beach from  Jet Skiers and speed boaters.


This Raceway project will enable our children and adults to be confident to learn to swim.


Also each float on the racewayline, is capable of supporting a swimmer, if in problem whilst swimming. 


Big shout out to Capt Howes for his efforts from conception to installation. 


The raceways will be used at Fish N Fins Sunday's and removed in tough sea conditions. 

Summer holidays don't get much cooler than joining ocean camps with Fish 'N Fins Kids Club.  It was fun hosting our young guests from Canada and Miami at this year's camps. Our lvisitors worked on marine art projects (with local craft artist Kirk Brade), enjoyed  lots of snorkelling and kayaking time, conducted marine science experiments , played oceany games and so much more. Whats cool, is this was the perfect environment to make new friendships with our loal fishnfiners.

We joined forces with the Government of Montserrat's Youth Affairs,  Education, Sports, and Creative Arts Program (ESCAPE), for the third consecutive year, integrating ocean science, swim classes,and snorkelling into the program for 70 local kids age 7-14 years old. 


Thanks to the hardwork of our intern Maya, we established our 'Fish n Fins Classroom' , a curriculum based program full of our most successful  games, activities and lesson plans. 

We welcomed 2 international volunteers & 1 intern to our crew this year. Maya Greenhill, Brown University student studying Marine Biology in the Galápagos Islands. Stephen Saunderhaus, fitness instructor  Colorado and surfer chic Henrike Hory of Germany .


Our volunteers were able to share their passion for the sea with our children and experience camps on Montserrat & Barbuda. Our children all loved them and they in returned have thoroughly enjoyed the unique beauty and adventure of  our island. 


It was also wonderful to have Raheem on our team this summer. An Antiguan with Montserratian roots; Raheem is a local spearo in Antigua in his free time. Raheem nearly drowned as a child and that experience prompted him to teach himself to swim, enjoying his time at sea and helping kids get over their fears.


If you are interesting in interning or volunteering with us in summer 2018, we would be happy to hear from you.  The following skills would be an asset:


Outdoor Education

Marine Biology 


Videography / Photography 


 Interns&   Volunteers


Day 1:

Coral Reef

There's no better way to learn about fisheries and ocean management than getting a tour of the local fisheries building. Lobster exports are the main source of revenue here in Barbuda, particularly the Caribbean Spiny Lobster. We also learned how long different pieces of rubbish take to break down in the ocean, did a mini beach cleanup at the pier, and talked about what effects trash can have on marine life. Today at the beach our youngest started getting the hang of their first swimming strokes!

Today we learned about the coral reef – who lives there, what a coral is, and why it's important for us to protect it. Pictured on right is the coral polyp feeding game, letting kids step into the place of a polyp and feed on the floating 'zooplankton'. Making our own jellyfish, creating a coral reef on a blank wall, hand print crabs, origami whales... and it's only day one! 5 days of ocean education in the morning and beach time in the afternoon, here we come! 

We're in for a treat –  a boat ride to the Frigate bird sanctuary. Barbuda is home to the largest Frigate bird colony in the western hemisphere, and has an estimated population of 100,000 birds! Afterwards we learned about local shark populations and even got to make our own in the classroom. Next we'll have a guest speaker on environmental impacts and in the afternoons you can always find us at the beach swimming, laughing and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters.


24  /  07  /  2017

Camp in Barbuda has begun! Fish 'N Fins & the Waitt Institute will be here for a week of marine education & ocean exploration.

21  /  08  /  2017

We are proud to announce that over 60 kids have signed up for our Montserrat Fish 'N Fins Camp this summer! Who's ready for adventure?

26  /  06  /  2017

Our summer intern just arrived! Can't wait to show her the ropes & get started on building a curriculum for our education programs.

Little Bay Clubhouse, South Side Little Bay, Montserrat 1120

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