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In a rapidly advancing technological era, harnessing the potential of blue tech is essential for driving global progress in sustainable ocean management and building resilience in small islands with big ocean space. Blue Technologies encompasses a wide range of innovative digital tools and services that promote our coexistence with marine life; an emerging market of ocean and climate impact innovations. Examples of these technologies include:


🐠Deepsea Cameras

🐠Acoustic listening stations


🐠Baited underwater videos

🐠Driver-operated underwater videos

🐠Vessel monitoring systems

Small Island Developing States (SIDS), with our vast ocean territories, play a crucial role in sustainable ocean management and conservation. As ocean stewards, we possess traditional knowledge and a deep understanding of the nuances in local knowledge systems. We also want to contribute to global solutions for the impacts of climate change and ocean-related challenges that affect us first and most. By leveraging the power of ocean technology, coastal communities and marine managers can effectively address pressing global challenges in a cost-effective, scalable, and inclusive manner. To achieve this, we propose a 5-pronged strategy that focuses on key drivers for establishing equitable partnerships, for transferring marine technology to SIDS.

1. Affordability:

Ensuring affordability is a critical factor in driving the widespread adoption of new technologies. By prioritizing low-cost solutions, we can make technology accessible to individuals and communities with limited resources. Embracing open-source technologies, utilizing affordable hardware, and optimizing resource utilization are effective ways to reduce costs. By removing financial barriers, we empower more people to benefit from technology and drive meaningful change.

2. Open Collaboration:

Open access to technology and information plays a pivotal role in accelerating global impact. By promoting open-source software, data sharing, and collaborative platforms, we foster a culture of innovation and collaboration. Open collaboration allows researchers, developers, and non-governmental organizations to build upon existing solutions, avoiding redundant efforts and accelerating progress. It enables the global community to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and collectively solve challenges for the benefit of all.

3. Scalability:

Scalability is crucial for maximizing the impact of new technologies. Solutions that can be easily replicated and implemented on a larger scale are vital for effectively addressing global challenges. Designing technologies with scalability in mind from the outset ensures that they can reach a wider audience and have a lasting impact. Scalable solutions have the potential to transform industries, improve livelihoods, and create sustainable change on a global scale.

4. Co-creation:

Co-creation involves actively involving end-users, communities, and stakeholders in the design and development process of new technologies. By incorporating diverse perspectives and local knowledge, we can create solutions that are contextually relevant, culturally sensitive, and sustainable. Co-creation promotes inclusivity, encourages ownership, and ensures that technologies address the specific needs and challenges of the communities they aim to serve. By involving the intended beneficiaries, we can develop solutions that truly make a difference.

5. Localization:

Localized testing is critical for ensuring the success and impact of new technologies. It involves piloting and refining solutions in real-world settings, taking into account the unique socio-cultural, economic, and environmental factors of the target communities. By testing technologies locally, we can gather valuable feedback, identify potential challenges, and iterate on the solutions to optimize their effectiveness. Localized testing builds trust, fosters community engagement, and increases the likelihood of successful adoption, scalability, and co-implementation.


By harnessing the power of blue tech, we have the opportunity to create positive and transformative change on a global scale. Let us embrace this strategy and work together to unlock the full potential of blue technology for the betterment of our world.


Interested in localizing new ocean technologies? Shoot me a message! The ocean needs all hands on deck. This is how I can help 🔦🌊🐠


-Location and Stream Testing

-Testing strategy

-Management and coordination

-Monitoring and evaluation

-Issue report creation

-Localization feedback

-Experience responses

-Recommendations on usability improvements


- Building strategic partnerships

- Create captivating content

- Design immersive ocean experiences

- Conduct ocean literacy workshops

- Activate fisherfolk allyship

- Bespoke Future Trends Report ( Ocean Technologies )

🌊Let's connect and make waves! Because innovation is not just a luxury, it's a necessity for the Big Ocean States. 

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