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Here's A Framework for the Equitable Caribbean Blue Economy.

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

I'm writing and speaking more in 2021! These ten years that I've been working in the BLUE, focused on building ocean confidence, marine awareness, and engaging community, have been too epic a journey not to share the lessons I have learned and wisdom gained.

My latest work dives deep into conversations that I believe are critical to the Caribbean community, as we map our vision towards a bluer future.

‘’What’s more, is that in the face of inequity and under investment, we stand at a unique moment in history, with unparalleled opportunity for redesigning the social-economic and blue future for the Caribbean. Never before have conditional been riper: there is a rising wave of blue economy opportunities as more people wake up to the facts that the sea is not just a place of breathtaking beauty. Still, it also provides individual and business opportunities.’

My writing takes the form of a white paper titled ‘ A Framework for an Equitable Caribbean Blue Economy.' I'm showing up in the blue economy space and using my voice, which I believe firmly, more of us Caribbean folks (especially women) need to do in a united way. This is an extension of the work I’ve committed to do for all the young people who would've experienced the magic of my Kids Ocean Club, Fish 'N Fins. My motivation all boils down to this, " we can teach kids to swim, snorkel, and fall in love with coral reefs, 'till we are blue in the face; but if we cannot show them and their families how this equates to decent jobs and career opportunities, then we have not made a big enough impact!"

“The intended objective of this framework is to create a pathway that further informs the Caribbean Blue Economy through a wider set of values and visions, especially those of the most often excluded groups, when planning for a sustainable ocean economy for the Caribbean’s future generation. The framework recognizes that more can be achieved in partnership and that impact can be multiplied through collaboration. With the recommendations below, this framework aims to put native people in charge of their futures by empowering our local communities to support transformational change, in equitable collaboration with international NGOs, academia, and the business sector.”

As you can imagine, the whole process of creating this framework has been quite a cathartic one. I would say 2020 has been the most productive and impactful year of my career. I look forward to writing more about my experiences, and thoughts on this journey of purpose in my new blog. Stay tuned, and please do not hesitate to share your comments/reviews on the framework below, or email me at

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