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Internships with Veta Wade & The Blue Zone Media Series

Updated: May 10, 2021

Hi everyone ! Nice to meet you here.
I've started a Caribbean Podcast and I'm looking for a Digital Marketing and Communication Coordinator & Graphic Design Intern. These are unpaid Internships at The Blue Zone, media series.

The Blue Zone is a web series exploring the potential of the Caribbean Blue Economy from a justice lens. Our goal is to design questions that build conversation and create a platform for creative thinking and bold solutions around a community-led blue economy. We keep conversations open and casual intentionally to make things inclusive for those who may not be in the ocean innovation or conservation community as yet. This is an independent start-up project, so the internship is unpaid and compensation-based. Compensation can be gained based on any funds brought into The Blue Zone through an Intern’s efforts. However, I will work with you to craft your experience as an intern and provide you with real-world experience that can be added to your portfolio/resume.

I am a storyteller, a mentor for Seaworthy Collective, and youth ocean advocates, working at the intersection of blue economy, ocean justice, and conservation, based on the island of Montserrat. I develop and advise on equitable and inclusive strategies for social impact. I was recognized by the Ocean Awards 2020 as a leader on marine conservation issues within the Caribbean through her nonprofit organization Fish ’N Fins. I'm also the founder of the AQUA Caribbean Blue Economy Conference and an easy-going mother of an 8-year-old boy :)

Photo: Veta & Radio ZJB Montserrat Radio DJ on The Blue Zone Live.

I launched the web series in August 2020 and have produced over 10 episodes. Today we are transitioning to a podcast that is available on Pinecast and my own website. Our aim is to get on other platforms including Youtube. I also stream my interviews live on Facebook, we would like to do the same on Twitter, LinkedIn.

If you would like to get a sense of The Blue Zone, click this link to my podcast page on Facebook. These will give you a good sense of the diversity of the guests and of the topics addressed. To visit the podcast's page go to

I am looking for 2 podcast interns to bring on board as Digital Marketing and Communication Coordinator and Graphic Design Intern.

The Digital Marketing and Communication Coordinator offers valuable hands-on work experience and one-on-one mentorship and will be in charge of growing the audience of the podcast

➡️ Among the intern’s responsibilities:

  • Produce and edit social media contents to promote existing and future episodes.

  • Produce audiograms and video transcripts

  • Produce and manage YouTube Page (for podcast)

  • Grow the Instagram account

  • Grow the Facebook page

  • Maintain The Blue Zone blog on Facebook

  • Actively engage in brainstorming sessions

  • Aid in podcast promotion, sponsorships, and partnerships

  • Assist with speakers research, selection, and scheduling

  • Assist in interview preparation

The ideal candidate is, happy to work remotely and independently under deadline pressure.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Great communication and organizational skills

  • Social media savvy

  • Self-starter with an entrepreneurial mind-set

  • Able to work independently under deadline pressure

Graphic Design Intern

The Position:

You will work directly with me and the communications coordinator intern, to design and execute all marketing content for The Blue Zone. You will play a pivotal role in the identity of The Blue Zone, helping in designing our branding and voice, launching our marketing channels, and connecting our target audience to our podcast.

I am happy to provide you with the guidance and mentoring you need. I will also be able to provide you letters of recommendation based on your contribution to the company. If you’re interested in joining a blue revolution to put Black and Indigenous People of Colour in their ocean connection and conservation projects this is the place for you!

What You’ll Be Working On:

  • Design and execute content for our social media posts, website, and marketing content.

  • Work with me, and other team members to brainstorm and execute campaign ideas for all our social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Great eye and passion for art and design

  • Familiarity with creative software

  • Ability to multitask, think critically, problem-solve, and be creative and flexible

  • Avid podcast listener (this will give you a sense of how to approach the designs to attract our target audience)

  • A desire to learn, grow, and a passion for moving things forward

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, sometimes pressure environment

Reasons to Take This Internship:

  • Learn more the potential and challenges of the Caribbean Blue Economy

  • Gain experience helping build a growing startup from the ground up. I am committed to giving our interns a great professional development opportunity, with valuable, real skills they can use in the future.

  • Opportunity to network with Caribbean actionists, and innovators.

  • Flexible schedule; option to work remotely.


  • University is undergraduate or higher or just creative with a passion for this work.

Why would you want to be working for free with Veta?

  • Innovative manager

  • A dependable and experienced mentor

  • Tech-savvy

  • Always ready to innovate and to learn new tricks

  • Eager to brainstorm with you and to learn from you

  • Learn about:

    • Network building

    • Press Relations

    • Project management tools

    • Collaborating for a more just and inclusive blue economy

The Blue Zone Blog Presence:

To apply, send an email to with ''Digital Marketing and Coordination Coordinator Intern,'' or “Graphic Design Intern” in the email subject line. In the email, attach a resume, link to your portfolio, explain why you are interested in the position, what you hope to gain from the internship, what you can bring to the team, and your availability (earliest possible start date and hours available per week). 🐳

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