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It's my Birthday, and it's Earth Day!

Celebrate with me by supporting an ocean economy that is pro-poor, more inclusive, community-driven, collaborative, and builds back biodiversity and resilience in the environment. YAY! This is the future we need :)

If you want to make one commitment on Earth Day, support a Black Ocean Advocates, and make a commitment to be a long-term sustainer of the Blue Zone content by subscribing on Patreon!

Your monthly donations support The Blue Zone series operations, unlock access to a private community, my consulting services, exclusive posts, The Blue Zone office hours, and so much more. I am so grateful for your support, as it lets me continue to do what brings me joy!

Don't forget Earth Day is EVERY day! Here are some actions you can take: ✍🏽 Educate yourself and your community — Check out replays of the inaugural AQUA Caribbean Blue Economy Conference 2020 here, its a cool place to start! 📲 Call them, beep them, if you wanna reach them— write, call, and lobby for companies, and politicians to be held accountable for their blue-washing and shady activities! 🤝 Get more involved— Open your purse, re-post, and amplify the work of oceany businesses owned by black, indigenous people of colour ( BIPOC ) everywhere! Not just today, but every day. Also, check out these cool orgs on IG and support these BIPOC owned businesses and non-profit organizations in the Caribbean today: @algasorganics ( AlgasOrganics) @oasislaboratory ( Oasis Laboratory ) @tenhabitat ( Ten Habitat) @speseas ( SpeSeas) @fishnfinskids ( Fish 'N Fins Inc.) For my latest webinars, subscribe to my Podcast today. Support The Blue Zone on Patreon, and find out how you can work with me.

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